Developed for...

The system is dedicated to all children, especially those of preschool age.

But i-Theatre is basically an instrument for anyone working with kids to perform activities in the educational field: in kindergartens and primary schools, in libraries and playgrounds, in the educational section of museums and art galleries, in healthcare institutions focused on special needs (psychotherapy, art-therapy, music-therapy, kinesiology); in general, in any educational context where learning-through-play and drama education are the themes.

i-Theatre is a versatile and complete tool for activities aimed at developing narrative skills, promoting both expressive performance and reflection upon the experience (narrative meta-cognition).

It is versatile, as it allows a gradual approach to the storytelling activity based on different skill levels and creative possibilities: from the movement of a single-shape character to the creation of a more complex animation by using several clips; from the performance of a single sequence to the "production" of a composite movie.

Moreover, it enables many kids to collaborate, in an organized and structured way, to the performance of a collaborative story (as in theatre or cinema: with a director, actors and so on), but also the individual narration of a single child who feels the urgency to express his inner world.

It is complete, as by using the instrument the teacher can design and experiment the most varied and differently structured educational paths: from the creative invention of the story by using artistic techniques (e.g., drawing, painting, decoupage, combining photographs, small objects, illustrations from books) to the expression by symbolic play during the storytelling performance, to the reflection upon storyboards and narrative sequences, to future visions and re-elaborations of the story.

The handy availability of a rich digital archive of historical data can be a great tool for the teacher or educator to monitor the development of the child.

In conclusion, using i-Theatre in educational activities is not only an effective way to focus on and allow the creative originality and imagination of children to grow, but also a pleasant way of stimulating their cognitive development, by guiding them to observe and reflect upon the narrative experience and gradually recognize the different phases of a story, its inner features, and so on: everything exploiting the natural richness provided by the multimedia language.